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The journey of four begins as the snowy planet Arcticon is introduced.

The renowned ice world shows its charm to Soren Cutrone, Mia Vossler, Damonico Damirror, and Asuka Akioto as they prepare for the annual holiday—Crescent Joviality. What they don’t realize is, the enchanting world bites just as hard as the threatening winds.

The four are brought to the Arcticon castle to celebrate the holiday of giving. Little did they know that the celebration marked the start of a life-changing expedition. Wanderlust and magic arrive with the spirit of the holiday. The journey of beauty teaches as well as tests their limits and capabilities, as the voyage turns dark.

The struggle is harder than ever before, as they attempt to survive the most dangerous parts—something no living being has endured. The four need to remember their connection and purpose as they go through endless tribulations, but will they be able to separate their issues and utilize their newly acquired powers? The fate of Arcticon’s Gem of Life depends on it.

Arcticon is the second novel in the Unlock the Unknown sci-fi/fantasy series.

5 Star Readers Reviews!

Here’s what the Readers’ Favorite critics are saying:

“This is a reader friendly book that is good for young adults and adults, especially those who like epic journeys in the genre of Lord of the Rings.”
-Amazon Reviewer

“WOW! Mind Blown Away! Seriously – READ THIS BOOK!” -Goodreads Reviewer

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Asuka Akioto

Title: Princess of planet Okulis Orbitorium
Age: 16
Birthday: December 28th
Native World: Okulis Orbitorium
Species: Okling
Blood Color: Red
Eye Color: Bright-blue
Hair Color: Light-lavender
Height: 5’2¾”
Weight: 100.2 lbs.
Occupation: Wretched Forces Agent
Fighting Technique: Oblitzu
Hobbies: Illegal street racing, partying, meditation, exercising, and martial arts
Favorite Color: Light blue
Strengths: Cunning, martial arts, and spirituality
Weaknesses: Narcotics and disapproval from loved ones
Dream: To have freedom over her life, without consequences

Soren Cutrone

Title: Director of the Vivacity Alliance
Age: 45, but was reverted to 16
Birthday: September 22nd
Native World: Earth/New Earth
Species: Human
Blood Color: Red
Eye Color: Caramel-brown, but sometimes cranberry
Hair Color: Dark-brown
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 156 lbs.
Occupation: Vivacity Alliance Director, Vigore Alliance double agent, Head Vaccine Research
Developer for New Earth, Senior Space Science Advisor, & Robotics Engineer
Fighting Technique: Elemental Manipulation
Hobbies: Super Scientist: Chemist, Astrologer, Astrophysicist, Astrobiologist, Astponomep,
Astronaut, Aeronautics Innovator, Robotics Engineer, Mathematician, Physicist, Theorist, and
Favorite Color: Green
Strengths: Polymath and Super Scientist
Weaknesses: Losing loved ones
Dream: To return to his true age of forty-five and heal from the loss of his loved ones from Earth

Damonico Damirror

Title: Heir and Superior on planet Wretched Hollows
Age: 16
Birthday: October 18th
Native World: Wretched Hollows
Species: Noctren
Blood Color: Neon Purple
Eye Color: Heterochromia eyes—left is green, right is red
Hair Color: Blood-red
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 164 lbs.
Occupation: Wretched Forces Agent
Fighting Technique: Cruval
Hobbies: Spending every moment he can with the love of his life, Haylia Debarato, riding his
diplocycle, working out, partying
Favorite Color: Blood-red
Strengths: Strong-willed, mind control, fighting, and Demonitry
Weaknesses: Haylia and positivity
Dream: To become a commander and finally be allowed to openly date Haylia without secrecy

Amelia (Mia) Vossler

Title: Lady of planet Kandy Kingdom
Age: 17
Birthday: July 12th
Native World: Planet Kandy Kingdom
Species: Fusling—half Ooxie, half Noctren
Blood Color: Deep-pink
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Cobalt Blue
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 105 lbs.
Occupation: Agent of the Vigore Alliance
Fighting Technique: Vitonix bionic enhancements (cyborg)
Hobbies: Baking, cooking, cleaning, dancing when no ones around, and exercising
Favorite Color: Pink and red
Strengths: Bionic abilities, great cook and baker, and has a big heart
Weaknesses: Evilness, anxiety, easily frightened, shy, and a pushover
Dream: To be openly welcomed through the royal gates into the Kingdom of Kandy, where she
will open and own her own bakery

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